Specialists in Social Housing Projects, New Builds, Refurbishment, Retrofit, Mechanical and Electrical

HEC Contracting Ltd

The Green Deal will provide a significant opportunity for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. We are getting ready to deliver energy efficiency and improvement work to housing, by offering Local authorities, Housing Providers and main contractor partners a one stop shop for survey, design and installation works from a group of small businesses and education establishments. HEC is leading a small consortium of SME’s and a building collage, so that in partnership, we can deliver a quality service from day one.
We have handpicked other quality organisations that are complementary to our own and over the next few months we will be working together, to put in place business systems, training programs and supply chains that will ensure full regulatory and code of practice compliance.
We will ensure that we can deliver schemes of the right quality, in the required timescale and at the right price by providing the correct training and sustainable employment opportunities.